Our most recent findings concern the dynamic interactions between EEG oscillations -sleep spindles, K-complexes (KC) and a novel, intra-KC oscillation, during NREM sleep.


Below you can find a summarizing lecture given at the 1st International Sleep Spindles Conference (Budapest, 2016) and links to the original papers.



Kokkinos, V., Koupparis, A. M., & Kostopoulos, G. K. (2013). An intra-K-complex oscillation with independent and labile frequency and topography in NREM sleep. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 7.


Koupparis, A. M., Kokkinos, V., & Kostopoulos, G. K. (2013). Spindle power is not affected after spontaneous K-complexes during human NREM sleep. PloS one, 8(1), e54343.

Paper 5


Kokkinos, V., & Kostopoulos, G. K. (2011). Human non‐rapid eye movement stage II sleep spindles are blocked upon spontaneous K‐complex coincidence and resume as higher frequency spindles afterwards. Journal of sleep research, 20(1pt1), 57-72.