Description of Data

Each record is characterized by a unique code of the form NU_Dxx_Sxx_Rxx, where:
D (Dataset): The attribute of the subset of records (see description of subsets of records).
S (Subject): The subject identifier for the specified subset of records.
R (Recording): The recording ID in the specified subject.

Description of subsets of records

The records are organized into four individual sets (D01-04), depending on the research framework in which they were conducted. The recordings were made with the SynAmps RT (8083) encephalograph, except for those made with the NEUROSCAN QUIK-CAP masks performed with the SynAmps2 RT encephalograph. In all records the reference electrode was placed in the earlobe and has been initially applied a HP 0.05 Hz HP hardware filter.

Information about the recording date, age and gender of subjects, etc. are given only after request.