George K. Kostopoulos

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George K. Kostopoulos, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Medical School, University of Patras, Greece
Vasileios Kokkinos, PhD, Postdoc
Andrew Koupparis, MD, PhD student
Dimitris Sakellariou, MSc, PhD student
Costas Bampos, MSc, PhD student
Vasileios Panagopoulos, MD, PhD student
Aspasia Giannakopoulou, BSc, MSc student
Ioannis Zouridis, BSc, MSc student
Maria Liti, BSc, MSc student

Costas Papatheodoropoulos

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Costas Papatheodoropoulos, PhD, Ass. Professor of Physiology-Neurophysiology
Stelios Kouvaros, PhD
Vasileios Papaleonidopoulos, MSc, PhD student
George Trombukis, MSc, PhD student

Andreas A. Ioannides
Laboratory for Human Brain Dynamics, AAI SCS, Cyprus

Prof. E. Panagiotopoulos
Spinal Cord Injuries Unit
University Hospital Patras

Prof. T. Antonakopoulos
Lab of Electrotechnics
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece

Ass. Prof. A. Koutras
Department of Informatics and Mass Media, Technical Educational Institute of Western Greece, Greece